Understanding "What to do before you die to
Protect Your Digital Assets" protects your family from
frustration and contention when you're gone.

What this eBook will teach you

Gain and understaning of common legal terms and questions. Plus, perfom your own digitial world assesment.

The 5 most important tips

  • Perform a Digital Asset Assessment to insure you pass on account information  

  • Take time to understand legal terms and common questions.      

  • Gain an understanding of what probate is and how it affects you.

  • Review the 16 things you should do before you die.      

  • Make your family aware of where your Will and digital assessment are located.

Join those who have not only downloaded the eBook but, have used our professional legal services to prepare and execute their Last Will and Testament. You no longer have to navigate these complex legal documents alone. You can avoid the dangers of do-it-yourself Wills.

About the attorney

Joshua M.Yeates, esq.


Josh graduated from Brigham Young University earning his Bachelor degree in English and Minor degree in Business. Some of Josh’s accomplishments at BYU include being an editor for the Pre-law Review, a student publication, and his nomination to enter the Phi Kappa Phi writing competition by a senior year English Professor.


Josh earned his law degree from Seattle University School of Law with an emphasis in Real Estate and Drafting. Josh’s choice to attend Seattle University was influenced by its acclaimed legal writing program, which has set the standard for legal writing programs for more than 25 years and consistently has one of the country’s top-ranked legal programs. In addition to representing individuals, Josh has helped form and represented numerous businesses, performing a wide range of services.

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Some words about "What to do before you die to Protect Your Digital Assets"

  • Many online document preparation services want you to believe that the process of preparing a will is as easy as filling in the blanks on a standardized forms.

    . . . In short, despite a disclaimer that their document preparation services are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, they try to convince you that the advice of an attorney is simply not necessary but, this book shows the saftey attorney can provide. . . ."

    Samuel G, Taylorsville, UT

  • The truth is until I read this book I was completley unprepared. My family was going to be subject to major frustration and stress at my passing. But, now I feel much better about when I'm gone.

    Jarom C. Layton, UT

  • I'm really excited because I feel like I'm slowly getting closer to feeling comfortable with my future death.

    Carrie S. Mesa, AZ

  • It's a very nice and simple language that explains the secret of Wills and Trusts. I've thought a lot about the subject, always believing that I am to young to do a Will and that just telling someone to take care of my kids when I die was enough. I was very wrong!

    Chelsey D. Syracuse, UT

  • I have often thought about the need for protecting my digital assets but didn't know how. This book has opened my eyes and made the idea of protecting them more managable...

    Shane P. West Jordan, UT

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